Bom Viva

Since last year Vans Iberian team were not able to go visit Portugal because of travel restrictions when filming for Iberico, this year they decided to focus solely on Portugal and get on the van again for three different skate trips there. Having been in the spotlight for the past two years in the skateboarding scene already, our crew decided to show the world the other part – lesser known – of Portugal. Accompanied by VANS EMEA riders Martino, Tania & Yeelen and plenty of our Portugal & Spanish roster, the van was definitely hyped and determined to explore that beautiful country. Skateboarding from morning until dawn, our crew had the opportunity to meet the nicest people that gave them the warmest welcome even though skateboarding was completely out of their radar. Exploring some of the smallest cities of Portugal really gets you to experience the good way of living, the Portuguese “Bom Viva” way of life.