Vans South Africa is proud to present our latest project – Briberies. This video focuses on three friends who grew up skateboarding together, who persevered through many obstacles to become the most talented and hardest working skateboarders in South Africa Street skating in South Africa is not an easy task – rough spots, crime and life in general makes it challenging to get footage, let alone 13 minutes of it.

Briberies is about motivating each other to overcome these obstacles, whatever it takes to keep the spirits high when the struggles get overwhelming. It’s been an amazing journey for the whole team to witness these dudes grow into themselves and into their respective styles, on their skateboards and in life. It took three years of relentlessly destroying every spot in Cape Town to get this video done.

We proudly present to you the three sons of South African skateboarding – Ethan Cairns, Alex Williams and Devandre Galant