by Guillem Cruells feat. Clovis Donizetti and Jules Lepecheux

Year complete: 2022 – Duration: 15:49 – Country: France / Spain


Duende manifests itself, typically, in the context of a family and friendly gathering of the Andalusian gypsy community, gathered to drink and practice the flamenco dances and chants – the flamenco “juerga”. 

During this party, at every moment, a singer or a dancer, emerges from the audience for his performance, then goes back into the crowd to give his place to another member of the audience. In short, each participant is potentially able to provide, at some point, a solo performance. In the meantime, he/she takes part in the accompaniment that ensures the cohesion of the audience (“palmas”, “jaleo”, which punctuate and rhyme the show; codified exhortations that encourage the soloist).

So it can happen that the duende is summoned: it appears when the emotion is at its peak during a moment of total collusion between the soloist and the audience. It is observed through behavioral manifestations that can be spectacular and evocative of scenes of bewitching: the participants begin to tear their clothes, cry, kiss,…

In brief, it is to stimulate the creativity looking for a superior and mysterious dimension. A moment of grace which can be related to those flow moments in surfing, where everything seems possible.

A Journey through the south of Spain exploring the similarities of surfing and flamenco culture.