Déplacer le Silence


I traveled to Biaritz for the the Queens Surf Festival in June, but the good weather and waves enticed me to stay until the last months of summer. I met Oscar Valencia and really liked his film work. This project came along very organically. Oscar wanted to capture the timeless summer in Biarritz, and that’s what we did. We shared good food, good wine, good waves, and good naps with the best crew in the shining warm European sun. The ocean always has its way of being unpredictable; the tides change drastically the surf had to be well-timed and the the waves were not always in our favor, but Oscar was up for all of it. My good friend Margaux Arramon Tucco showed us around her home town, she always knew were the waves where and brought us the best local spots. Margaux and my cousin Chacha who were always around for the adventure make a guest appearance in the film.

Making this little movie was a lot of fun, in and out of the water.