by Tom Pearsall

Year complete: 2022 – Duration: 15:00 – Country: Australia


Around the same time the flame haired (possible android) Mark Zuckerberg hit launch on the Metaverse, our fuzzy haired protagonist (and bona fide human) Beau Cram escaped the grips of COVID-19, stepped on the gas of his large, rectangular shaped metal land-vehicle and… simply disappeared. At present Beau sips from a cylindrical tin filled with a fizzy feel- good liquid admiring mystified water hanging high in the atmosphere catching the ever-changing colours of a setting gas giant. He’s there, deep within a universe crammed full of positivity and gratitude for those he’d met and would soon meet, for the array of experiences once dreamt and now lived. All is good. In The Cramaverse. What transpired before this current moment took place over roughly 1 sidereal year. The Earth travelled 940 million km around the sun at 30 kilometres a second. Beau travelled some 7,000km at 0.02 kilometres a second. Word filtered out from where he had been. Whispers of a journey spanning a seemingly endless straight road, littered with the corpses of an animal with springs for legs; under towering forests inhabited by ancient white skinned trees and over bone rattling ancient plains of red dirt. Before, finally, into an aquatic playground brimming with mythical reefs and myriad creatures. No one was sure of the rumours… till now.