After “Dream, è notte”, here is the second chapter of Treviso’s skate video production scene, under the direction of Francesco Gagliazzo, who now attempts to inherit the legacy of the Venetian skate context, represented by Alessandro Palese’s production (“Skatenostro the Movie” and the two chapters of “Sketchbook 1 & 2”). Rejecting the macho and serious canons of some contemporary mainstream aesthetics, the video draws inspiration from the alternative and unpretentious vision of filmmakers of the new school like Daniel Dent, Tor Ström, and Diego Meek, with jarring and uncomfortable sounds that reveal the inner conflict every skater experiences in a world where they (proudly) feel not recognized as a useful element to the system’s proper functioning. FEATURING: John Sanders, Fabio Montagner, Raimondo Zanotto, Agostino Saccon, Gianmaria Pivetta, Francesco Gagliazzo, Tommaso Matteotti, Alessio Gambarotto.

Director: Francesco Gagliazzo