by Dmity “Mikas” Kononov

Year complete: 2021 – Duration: 5:45 – Country: Russia


Last summer we traveled up North from Moscow to the area known as Karelia. It’s a Russian territory by that borders Finland. Some people call it Scandinavia of Russia because of the similar nature and weather conditions. It’s also a land of ethnical minority known as Karelians who are close to people of Finland and Northern Europe. We had 20+ people on the trip (all the main team + flow team + legends + girls) and visited 2 different cities in 1 week. It all resulted in a tour clip. It’s supposed to be released via Vans’ YouTube on the 20th of August. We tried to represent the place through the visuals and local music from Karelia (the main soundtrack was produced by the local rock musician from the 80th). We are still finishing the editing and editing last touches. We’ll be happy if we allowed to enter the festival with our clip. As for the name, we’ll probably call it Karelia. Its just sounds good phonetically in different languages.