by Cesinha Feliciano “Little Cesar”

Year complete: 2021 – Duration: 15:21 – Country: Brazil


A short film that tells the story of a new beginning. A sensory film where your conscience will make you reflect on the process of starting over! In 2016, a wave changed the life of the surfer Pedro Calado. This wave had the power to connect Pedro even more with the ocean and then he became the world vice-champion of giant waves! In the following year his expectations were not met. It was a year of defeats – Pedro didn’t win a single battery and lost his place in the world circle of giant waves – a harsh reality for the surfer. Looking for a new beginning, Pedro found strengths and decided to chase what made him smile. Focused on restarting his life, he took his passport and his board on a quest to find giant and picture-perfect waves all around the world. Teahupoo, Pipeline, Puerto Escondido and Nazaré were the places he traveled to. Restart is a short film that goes far beyond a surf movie. Restart has a purpose – overcoming our problems and helping us to visualize victory, even in defeats. The restart is up to you. Start again as many times as necessary to make you stronger and happier.