Stop Playin’ With ‘Em

What was filmed over the course of 2 trips totaling 28 days, and born out of a right-place-at-the-right-time circumstance, ‘Stop Playin With Em’ is a surf film project following Quest Soliman and Paul Godette, two skaters turned surfers based in Rockaway Beach, New York relocating to Bocas Del Toro, Panama for 5 months to get the most out of the island’s peak surf season (and admittedly escaping the Northeast’s brutal winter season). Along the way, the two meet and surf with not only other travelers, but locals of all different backgrounds. Over the course of the trip, they experience all that the islands have to offer, as well as represent New York City’s diverse surfing community in Rockaway Beach.

Started by Quest and Paul as an Instagram Vlog, ‘Stop Playin With Em,’ has grown to take on several different forms with the main goal of creating content to push for increased diversity and inclusivity in surfing. While content is mostly self-generated, the two are constantly collaborating with other visual artists.

Director: Sean Madden