Tandem by Kylian Castell – Starring Ainara Aymat and Sophie Bell


A human from South Africa meets another human from the Basque Country and they create a piece of work with a much-needed help of Kylian Castells. From the very start everything was not on their side; Ainara lost her passport one day before the trip, booked the wrong domestic flight and lost her wallet when she arrived in Indo. Sophie’s visa was delayed so she had to wait until she had it done. They somehow managed to get to Sumbawa and for those 10 days the trip lasted, all they did was surf, play chess, read, eat and sleep. Some skin and boards were damaged on the process, but fully worth it. A tandem has never ever been that much needed as when these two humans gather and try to make a project work.

Friendship goals, “If they fall, they fall together”.


Supported by: Vans

Filmed & edited by: Kylian Castells

Music credits: Let me try by Kaleidoscope