Wasted Talent

Wasted Talent – Ghanaian Dream


An audiovisual trip across Ghana, from Accra to Busua in celebration of Surf Ghana and Freedom Skatepark. When Surf Ghana announced the one year anniversary of their aptly titled Freedom Skatepark in Accra, Ghana, founder Sandy Alibo invited Vans team riders Sam Partaix, Yann Horowitz, Melissa Williams and Chris Pfanner to celebrate, with Pfanner also taking the opportunity to re-connect with his Ghanian roots. After several days in the capital, the team headed to the small fishing village of Busua to witness the local surf culture firsthand.
A Ghanaian Dream is a celebration of both skateboarding and surfing culture in West Africa, and a calling to help raise awareness about the importance of developing youth culture in impoverished communities.
Filmed & Edited by Robin Pailler
Produced by Wasted Talent
Supported by Vans & Surf Ghana