YEAH Skateboards – Força Bruta

This is the last Skate video from Yeah Skateboards. Featuring full parts from Luiz Gaida, Matheus Luz and Ederson “Xaxa” Duarte. João Vitor, Cristiano Caetano Augusto and Giulio Sertori have a mixed part. Totally filmed in Brasil (Curitiba, São Paulo, Florianópolis, Colombo, Londrina and Maringá). During the three years of filming, YEAH Skateboards ended up closing its activities, the video was completed by the skateboarders and the filmer “like a friends crew” and ended up being a tribute to the lasts years of YEAH. At this moment the brand no longer exists. YEAH Skateboards was birth in Bergamo (Italia – 2007) and dead in Curitiba (Brasil – 2023).

Director: Giulio Sertori